Monday, January 14, 2008

Code Camp 2008.1 - t-Sql to CLR performance comparison testing and Cursor Avoidance Techniques

We had a great session at Code Camp. Thanks to Sebastian Meine who did most of the work for the session. I contributed by brainstorming with Sebastian, coding the CLR components of the project and walking through the code.
We concluded that there is no conclusion...CLR is faster for some things and T-SQL is faster for others. There are some very big limitations to the CLR integration in SQL server - the main one is the 8000 byte limit when serializing custom aggregates and the indifference to order in those functions.
We also played with some neat SQL-2005 enhancements like common table expressions and Cross apply which was new for some of the users.
I will try to get the code from Sebastian and post it here.

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